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tomorrow on "budget brawl," be here sunday at 4:00 p.m., through the early part of next week. we're not leaving this town, ordering in room service from places that have nice air conditioning. while the weather and situation is getting heated in washington, we'll be here for you every step of the way. >> we've got a lot to cover tonight. first rush limbaugh sounds off on the debt debacle. >> being played as saps. >> put steve jobs in that seat. believe it or not, apple has more money than the u.s. what could be worse than a credit check. >> how about a social media background check? would you pass? would your kids pass? all that and more.
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"the five" starts right now. >> raising the debt ceiling simply gives our country the ability to pay the bills that congress has already racked up. i want to emphasize that. the debt ceiling does not determine how much more money we can spend. it simply authorizes us to pay the bills we already have racked up. >> did you hear that? that was president obama just a few hours ago, saying at this debt ceiling wasn't going to allow us to spend more going forward. you know, there's a problem, because it does. that's exactly what it does. so mr. president, either you're disingenuous to the american people or you're not smart enough to run the country. the debt ceiling is for future spending. your tracks and spend checkbook, that's what you want, you want more credit on it for future spending. step away from the teleprompter, roll up your sleeves and get to work cutting spending. >> are you kidding me?
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>> not kidding one bit. >> first of all, when i called d that, i told the producer to cut that piece of tape. >> you clearly don't get it. >> what's wrong? >> it's called debacle. the reality of the debt ceiling is to pay for bills that are coming due approved by congressing going back to -- one to the nixon administration, paying off bond interest on reagan's bills. >> bob, they want to raise the debt -- by the way, if all you wanted to do was pay off prior spending, raise it $200 or $300 billion. walk away. >> if you look at obama's spending projections for obama care, all this other stuff he's proposed, yes, he needs that debt ceiling raised so he can spend it on everything he's proposed already. look, i think this is has been so bad for this president.
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i thought he displayed a lack of leadership before this, but i will say this is epic. >> you guys have got go back to civic classes. you don't get it. the debt is to pay for past spending by congresses. >> then pay it off and stop. >> there's no rule, bob, that says you can pay stuff off first and then spend later. don't have to be tied together. can i just say something? i happen to agree with the democrats, when i keep hearing about the debt ceiling, that i feel we're held hostage year. >> you look upset. >> you're always held hostage. >> he doesn't learn. >> that was a cue to the producers to run a package. >> oh, boy. >> oh, was that what that that . >> they are once again holding
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american families and american businesses hostage. >> they shouldn't be held hostage. >> the household economies of every american is being held hostage by the republican majority. >> i think your video is being held hostage by the producer. >>oc]6wty they're getting back e for wearing this sweater. goodness. safe. country is being held up on this debt ceiling by 20 tea party people. >> oh, god. >> wait, wait. before you say, oh, god. >> oh, bob. >> they represent a tiny percentage. they won't go along with their speaker. >> what are you talking about? >> if you don'ty%óójy%óójy%óójya little bit about washington.
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it's where i from. the enact is boehner had to pull the bill because -- >> bob, you worked in mondale -- >> oh, my god. campaign. >> i was a businessman. i hired people. i fired people, ran businesses, made payroll. what obama is doing is destroying the economy. >> you cannot be fiscally responsible. you can't say we're paying off the debt of the past and blame it on reagan. >> by the way, nancy pelosi is on the floor of the house saying this bill is a waste of time. >> can we talk about what's going on as opposed to this -- >> tell us your version. >> it's not a version, it's just a fact. by the way, i'm very proud to have managed walter mondale, although it was one of the largest losses in american politics. >> very interesting. >> the republican bill, boehner bill, is on the floor of the house. he's made a significant change.
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he put for the yahoo! tea party he put for the yahoo! tea party peoplecv7 it will go down in the senate. there's two other proposals, harry reid proposal and the mcconnell proposal. we had to ask for two times to go to vote. obama wanted to get it through 2012. so did reid. i think they've cave on that, accept the balanced budget amendment. >> and blame it on the tea party. >> i can blame this all on the tea party. >> bob, i actually agree with you -- >> they'll send it back to the house and the tea party won't matter anymore. >> that's right. >> they deserve credit for bringing -- even bringing this conversation to us. i mean, we wouldn't be -- i have to agree with bob. i have to agree with bob. you cannot burn down the house, because you have no where else
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to sleep, tea party. >> really? they burned the house down already. we're trying to put the fire out. >> at the end of the day, they realize if you compromise on this to move the country forward. >> come on, guys. tea party, hold firm. >> oh, mideas please stop this. >> you cannot control the entire political scene with one-half of one party and -- take the deal. >> they've split the republican party into conservative and republican. listen to john mccain, clearly not a conservative. listen to what he had to say. >> i think he appeals obviously to his leadership. this is really his leadership of the -- of the republicans in the house, and being speaker is clearly at stake here, if he can't bring his people along. >> he's right. >> that is the biggest crock. >> why do you think that?
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>> john boehner had support of 90% of members in his congress. he was going to pass the bill without earmarks. that means doing business old school, they're not doing that now. look, he's had to wrangle his members. he deserves a lot of credit. >> he does, but you would admit if he went down to defeat on this thing that cantor would be on his tail. >> yes, i agree with that, bob, but he would never let it go down. >> i'll give you this, he had to take on his own tea party. i give him credit for -- i just say that we're now you're the among the minorities of the minorities of the minorities. >> this man went to the house floor and called the tea party -- granted, he read from a "wall street journal" op-ed, but called the tea party hobbits. he's driving the wedge further. >> by the way, rush limbaugh is
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great. charles krauthammer says declare victory, focus on 2012, republicans. rush limbaugh there is no victory because the boehner bill will turn into a reid bill with fake cuts and delays the budget. i'd like to believe that krauthammer is right, but i believe rush is right. >> they score the reid bill in real cuts substantially higher than they do the boehner bill. so that's not true. >> what are the cuts? it's the war. these nonexistent cuts. >> be careful, be careful. >> cuts may be one thing, but we're talking down the road, do we have a congress that will say, we'll cut $100 billion there, $100 billion there? >> if you overspend that puts
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had this country in peril. >> everybody was talking about how barack obama was the adult in the room, everybody else was the kids. he's tweeting right now. he's tweeting to congressmen. is that cyber bullying? so people will change their mind. this is what teenage girls do to get justin bieber to come to the mall. >> he's organizing. >> a friend of mine came out on the floor and said -- this is a real indication of what the fallback was -- he would accept the president to go to the 14th amendment route. >> don't do that. >> all i'm saying, this is blocks, eric e. put it on the floor, because when it comes up, if it had come up, it would have had support. >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. it's not legal. it's not constitutional. >> coming up, rush limbaugh is warning that we're being played.
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we talked about it. i believe he's right. "the five" will keep you informed so that doesn't happen. also, don't forget, we like to hear what you have to say. email at ♪
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♪ >> is it my turn? welcome back to "the five." we're talking about the showdown in washington. to a lot of folks, they seem to think it's the tea party in control. no kidding. that last segment, we love each up other here. we all got excited and talked over each other. we'll be calm this time after i talk to eric quietly. no, look, the tea party did, we know, hold up the boehner bill yesterday. boehner clearly got himself enough votes, and a lot of tea party people went with him, but nonetheless the tea party -- i
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give them credit for bringing this issue to the forefront of american politics -- i think they are wrong. i also have called them anarchists, and someone on the panel asked me if i would take it back. the answer is no. you know why? could wettest definition of anarchist. >> a person who rebels against any authority or ruling party or promotes anarchy. >> there's the answer to my question. the ruling powers in the house of representatives were john boehner and a vast majority of his own caucus. they rebelled against that. they wouldn't go along. they have rebelled and rebelled. i know elections have consequences, but i'll tell you something when the consequences begin to threaten the vast majority, then you become anarchists. >> bob, the mistake you're making, you're seeing the tea party as a recalcitrant group of evil people. >> i don't think they're evil. >> it's a bedrock principle about small government missing from the republican party,
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they've reintroduced, reenergized the party with their principle. now, if the republicans win, they deserve the trophy, which is a bill. if they walk away without the bill, they don't get the trophy. it's like winning the world series and not going home with the giants -- >> in politics, you stick to your principles, right? >> yeah. >> when you win, declare victory and move on. you're not going to win 100%. >> you're admitting the tea party won? >> certainly. the stuff they got in that big, i'll give them that. they won't win ultimately, but i'll give them. i'm saying in politics they don't understand there's a compromise. >> how did the tea party win? they won if the cut, cap and balance bill went over to the senate for approval. this one that boehner is marking up, who knows. true concerts ar conservatives , no way we trust you. >> the president is supposed to be in control and leading. he said, no short-term deals, i
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don't want any spending cuts, i want tax increases. he didn't get any of that. okay, maybe he doesn't get the short-term deal. i think that the tea party absolutely as we talked about deserves credit. here's my fear, though. we have a media that's so shocked that we still haven't gotten a deal. they're literally amazed by this. they'll be writing the headlines, and you'll see president obama in the rose garden signing a bill and they'll be so quick to glory for a him for this. he'll take credit as he's the one who did it. he's got a media riding shotgun until november to help him. >> he and boehner agreed, the problem is the tea party stopped it. peggy noonan wrote in the "wall street journal" an editorial. can you read this for me? >> sure. losing a battle in which he had superior forces, the presidency, the u.s. senate n the process he revealed that his foes have given him too much mystique. he's not the devil, an alien, a
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socialist, he's a loser, and this is america where nobody loser. respect for peggy noonan, but republicans overall don't agree with the tea party. certainly democrats don't, independents don't. and by and large -- >> and barack obama -- politician. >> can you pull up the gallup poll that shows him at 40% -- >> no, i'm talking him against -- show me that mitt romney is more popular than him. >> generic republicans. >> you cannot discount the
2:20 pm
gallup poll numbers that show sunset for 2012.úehgv!ru)dr%>> e to do is have an election today. generic doesn't make it. you have to put one these people up there against him. when you do, he'll plow them under. point. she said there's a lack of connection with obama, seems like he doesn't care. when you don't have a parent leader, people no longer support you. she citeseáídaxp clinton and bus passionate people, even if you dislike them, they're passionate. it's not his fault. it's not president obama's fault for the state he's in. he was placed in a protective bubble by the media and by supporters that prevented criticism. if you were to criticize him, you were perceived as racist. this is the first time he's been challenged, by boehner, by the tea party, he's being challenged
2:21 pm
by america who's dissatisfied, and he doesn't know how to respond. >> are we going to give him credit for a failure to lead? we hope he's going to come up with a plan that he's in charge that, he deserved the election, and he didn't do it. >> seems like when he brought up his healthcare bill up -- >> that was the american public that challenged him. >> bob, we're not in this because of the aaa credit rating, it's the fff credit grading from the white house. >> coming up, what this whole debt debacle is really doing to the financial markets. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> we're back on "the five." bob still thinks it's his block, but we'll all play here. we have to talk about theátuu economic ramifications of the debt ceiling, what it means to the average american that's concerned that our government can't get its act together. show me the money, eric. >> look, the dow this week was down 4.2%, around 500 points, but more importantly the number came out today, the gross domestic product, gdp of the country was revised from last quarter, which means there was virtually no growth last quarter. sounds wonky, but when growth is going like this, unemployment is going like this, and prices for everything are going like this, guys, we're in another recession. we've gone into a recession. you cannot blame this default thing or debt ceiling on -- you
2:27 pm
can't blame all that on this. >> nothing to do with that. nothing! >> did you just announce a new recession? >> we're in a recession. unemployment in mexico, 4.9%. that's half of what we have. >> and george lopez doesn't even want to go there. >> in mexico? they're all working for the drug dealers. >> and hispanics, it's below, but still double-digit numbers. >> this is a problem for the upcoming election, something that the democrats have to pay attention to. >> it's true. i would also point out that we're so focused on default, default, default, but downgrade, even if these bills pass, signed into law, downgrade is still a serious threat, and that affects everyone, our credit card rates outbreaks mortgages. we've been warned about this for a very long time. for months, we've heard moody's warn us, and they still say this might not be enough. hopefully the boehner bill is part of the final product.
2:28 pm
>> eric said that the market fell -- how many points? >> 500 points this week. >> directly as a result of this debt debate. and i want to say that you've taken hundreds of billions of dollars out of people's 401(k)s, their retirement funds, kids' schools, and you can thank the tea party. >> absolutely not, bob. it has nothing to do with it. when the boehner plan was supposedly going to be voted on yesterday, then they tabled it, remember that, last night? >> yes. >> this morning we woke up, they were buying our treasuries, which means interest rates were going down. nothing to do with this debt talk that's driving the economy into the ground. >> tea party has replaced bush for the blame for everything now. >> have you noticed that? >> yeah. >> if the tea party wasn't around holding this thing up, do you think the markets would have gone up? >> can i point something out? obama passed joe biden with dealing with this situation back in the spring. they knew this was coming. they failed to act. the reason this is way down to
2:29 pm
thewire, and it's not the tea party's fault. >> boehner could not sell it to his people after working out an agreement with the president. >> geithner deciding who gets paid and who doesn't, a process members have called prioritization, fought with perilous choices. >> members of congress last. i'm saying it's not going to get that far, because what he will do, if he doesn't get it, he will declare under the 14th amendment, which is his right -- >> the only authority the president does have, i consulted with judge andrew napolitano, and he said the only thing the president can do is pay the bondholders. after he lists for who he wants second, third, fourth, he doesn't have the authority to do that. only the bond hold. >> yes, he does have the
2:30 pm
authority to do that. >> bob, you think we have problems, listen to this. we should take a page out of the book of apple, right, greg? they have their act together. unbelievable story. >> perfect example of successes of private versus the failures of public. they have more operating cash the government. the government that is 73.8 billion. apple has 76.2 billion in actual cash and marketable securities. here's the reason why. apple is the complete opposite of government for three reasons. one, it encourages independence through specification over dependence. two, it encourages innovation and risk over safety nets. and three, it makes something that works. >> how can we allow our government to fail and make one epic bad choice after another? >> if apple were a country, i would move there. >> obama may be at their door asking for money, forget china. >> the read you that off, sounds
2:31 pm
like you and steve jobs just got together and -- i never heard you be so articulate about talking points. >> the obama and the administration, the liberals on the left, the victims here, the american people. >> the victims are the american people, and it's the tea party that have caused this. the original tea party threw tea over, these tea party people are throwing the economy over. >> bob, you're encor incorrigibe american people deserve better. >> i want to make something clear. i agree obama is in serious political trouble. i accept that. the sadc3+moñ7m- part it was bt about people who lost their civic teaching jobs and came to here as members of the congress. get out of here with the money! >> big brother is watching you. we'll tell you why you may want to think twice about what you and your kids are posting on
2:32 pm
facebook. you won't believe it. it's coming next on "the five." stay with us.
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raise the debt and cut spending. tonight on "special report, we'll tell you why democrats have more reason to dislike this version. version. president obama wentú television again this morning to urge a bipartisan compromise. he did not talk much about dismal new numbers on the economy. we will. chief white house correspondent ed henry has that story. chief washington correspondent james rosen gives us perspective on how much it might cost you if we miss the debt ceiling deadline. plus, the soldier accused of plotting a second attack on fort hood made his first court appearance today. and it was memorable. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern here in washington. now i'll go back to new york and send it back to "the five." ♪
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>> welcome back to "the five." thanks to a recent ftc ruling companies can run social media background check, meaning a comment on a blog could cost you a job. would you pass such scrutiny? look, i'm old, so i'm safe. the people should be scared are the kids who grew up cradled with the internet, seeing it as a puffy cloud with ego gratification, now exhibition has placed inhibition and salaciousness is being lauded. i'm being cut off. >> we want to go to the house floor. speaker boehner is speaking. >> -- our economy a chance to grow and create jobs. we're advancing the great cause of a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. [applause] what this bill now says is that before the president can request an additional increase in the
2:38 pm
debt limit, two things have to happen. a joint committee of the congress must produce a spending cuts larger than the increase in the debt limit, and both houses of the congress must send to the states a balanced budget amendment. listen, a balanced budget amendment, it's time for this to happen. it enjoys support in both houses of this congress, and it enjoys bipartisan and widespread support across our country. the bill also ends this crisis without raising taxes, which would cripple our economy, and there's no gimmicks. there's no smoke screens here. that represent the old ways of doing things. now, the bill before us still isn't perfect. no member would argue that it is. it's imperfect, because it reflects an honest and sincere effort to end this crisis by sending the bill over to the
2:39 pm
senate that at one time was agreed to by the bipartisan leadership of the united states senate. and to my colleagues in the senate, if they were here, i would say this, if this bill passes, this house has sent you not one, but two different bills to cut spending by trillions of dollars over the next decade, while providing an immediate increase in the debt ceiling. and to the american people i would say, we've tried our level best. we've done everything we can to find a common-sense solution that could pass both houses of congress and end this crisis. we've tried to do the right thing by our country, but some people continue to say no. my clear, i have worked since the first week of this session when we were sworn in in jan to avoid -- in january to avoid being where we are right at the this moment. but two days after we were sworn in, the treasury secretary sent
2:40 pm
us a letter, asking us to increasing the debt ceiling. i immediately responded by saying we would not increase the debt ceiling without serious cuts in spending and serious reforms to the way we spend the people's money. [applause] we passed a budget. the other bodies spent over 800 days and still no budget, no plan. this will be the second bill we sent over to the senate, and yet not one piece of legislation out of the senate has passed that deals with this crisis. my colleagues, i can tell you that i've worked with the president and the administration since the beginning of this year to avoid being in this spot. i have offered ideas. i've negotiated. not one time. not one time did the administration ever put any plan
2:41 pm
on the table. all they would do is criticize what i put out there. i stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states. i stuck my neck out a mile. i put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are, but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted. and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! tell us where you are! [applause]
2:42 pm
yes, people can be critical of what we've done, but where are the other ideas? at this point in time, the house is going to act and we're going to act again. but it is time for our colleagues across the aisle to tell us what they're for. tell us how we can end this crisis. you know, ronald reagan has been quoted throughout this debate over the last few weeks. and ronald reagan would probably be flattered, i'm sure, if he were here. but ronald reagan on his desk had a little placard, and that little placard was real simple. it said, "it can be done." i have a replica of that placard on my desk." let me tell you, members of this house, it can be done. it must be done, and it will be done if we have the courage to do the right thing. so for the sake of our economy, for the sake of our future, i'm going to ask each of you, as
2:43 pm
representatives of the people of the united states to support this bill to support this process and end this crisis now. >> we're back now. let's summarize very quickly. this is the boehner bill that so mr. boehner i guess believes it's time, that he has the we should point out that you heard someobó hissing, noises in the background. apparently those were the democrats hissing at some of the comments. you heard the republicans clap very vehemently when he said for the democrats to put something on the table. bills, now it's your turn to put something on the table. bob, your thoughts. here's two bills. now it's the democrats' turn.
2:44 pm
>> look, he obviously bought off his tea party. when the president put him something on the table that got himself in trouble with the democrats is absolutely untrue. i add my hiss to that. >> what is the president's plan, bob? >> change the inflationary structure of social security, which would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars, increased the age for eligibility, and -- democrats were screaming about it, but he had the guts to do it. >> the reason this president's mystery plan didn't work, is the democrats -- nancy pelosi wouldn't go along with entitlement cuts. >> mr. boehner said, he said revenucuts on the table and cout
2:45 pm
get it through. >> he's passed cut, cap and balance, as he pointed out. mr. boehner has done his job. now it's the democrats. >> i'm not arguing, he's done his job, and democrats will get theirs done in the senate, and there will be a bill. >> bob, at this point boehner's shown more leadership and direction and more emotion -- >> >> more emotion of our president. one seems to be hiding, and the other one is putting something else out there. >> obama will crawl out from under his desk when this is done, hey guys. >> i give boehner a lot of credit for what he's done. he's done an admirable job as speaker. to suggest the president of the united states -- >> he's tweeting. >> tweet this. >> before we go, we have to go to break, but very importantly i don't think that he's really representing the full conservative -- the conservative right on this.
2:46 pm
he's representing the republicans. bob, we have to go to break. >> you and 15 other people. go ahead. >> he's tweeting right now! >> we'll be right back in a couple of minutes. stick with "the five." be right back. ♪ a lot of people think fiber can do one thing and one thing only,
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>> all right. you send them, we read them. "the five" receives a huge amount of email. we decided to share with you a few of the emails that we've gotten from you in "the five" style with a little help from our fox family. >> best show on fox news. great back and forth with bob and the rest of the cast. also it doesn't hurt that you have the most beautiful and intelligent women in cable news on the show every night. and greg is funny, too.
2:51 pm
again, love/y/y[5 the show. keep it up. oh, don't censor bob's swearing. it is hilarious. >> dear fab five. eric has a great set of hair, but what is up with greg's forehead? does he inject botox? that's so sad. >> i just noticed andrea and kimberly appear to be sharing shoes for the show. that makes me wonder if eric and bob will start doing the same. >> really do love "the five." by the way, dance a little more. >> get a grip, you idiots. beckel is the accuracy drunk uncle in the basement in his o -- the crazy drunk urge in the basement in his dirty underwear. >> are you kidding me? how do these guys stay focused on the subject? >> am i getting paid for this? >> great show. it's so great to see greg expose his pasty white skin to daylight. >> you're not fooling me, bob,
2:52 pm
as i know in reality you are a closet conservative. i'll patiently await your coming-out party. >> you guys [bleep] suck. you cannot put together a group of four bigger [bleep] if you searched the whole earth. thank god for beckle. >> i love bob beckle. i think he's the sexiest man alive. his suspenders and striped shirts are too cool. i would like to have a dinner engagement with him at a high-end restaurant where he could make me laugh all night. floor. my bet is that he would be the best dancer in the entire place. >> i love that background music. >> by the way, those÷u were actl emails from viewers of "the five." >> and bob. >> keep sending them. we read all of them. keep them coming. >> we love them! woman to write something about you? >> we'll be back in a second. i got to think about my mom. >> we'll be right back.
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sandy some emails while on break. ♪
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but i have it. fred over here chose not to have it. ♪ me, i've got a plan. fred he uh... fred what is your plan? do i look like i have a plan? not really. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." i have to say once again that those were real viewer emails we've gotten. kimberly, congratulations. i hear you're getting married. >> what? no, because i got a proposal on twitter. it wasn't from barack obama, because we know he's been tweeting from under the desk in the oval office. >> oh, michelle wouldn't be having that. >> yeah, bob? >> kimberly has your makeup on the set. >> yeah? >> she's beautiful, but, man,
2:58 pm
you don't have to keep doing this. that's the most positive email i've had in my entire television career. i once got an email, the boss called me 41 this network, said, bob, i want to read something to you. every time i see bob beckel on television, i want to vomit. that was one of the better ones. >> that's a positive one. >> by the way, the guy who said the drunk in the basement, i used to be the drunk in the basement. i used to be. i'm still crazy, but i drunk anymore. >> . if i was still drinking, you'd know. >> believe me, a lot of facebook and twitter people yelling at you for calling me out a tan. this is real. you said it's a machine tan? >> how does it get like that? >> they want to airbrush it senior ongoing. >> great emails. i thought they were wonderful. >> who fe knew about the
2:59 pm
reenactment. actually an intern here at fox. doesn't get paid at all. >> you want to talk about something else? >> let's talk about bob. let's talk about fabio e. showed up at a fox affiliate to do the weather. >> hello, people watching tv, wondering about hot or cold or dry or rainy. you may be outside. it's me, fabio, with your pinpoint forecast. this is a live look at portland, oregon. it's very sunny today, and feels so nice on fabio's skin. >> yeah. he's on tonight on "red eye." if you want more of fab, yes and i know you do -- fabio, and i know you do, tune in. >> rick should b

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